What is a Channel?
Reverend Bill Hill
  Reverend Bill is a Spiritual Sage who created
Cavern of the Soul Meditation in order to help
people heal themselves. His gift of channeling
assists individuals in connecting with their higher selves.
Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona
a place where
Reverend Bill finds peace.
Cavern of the Soul
Read  A Story of Love, God's channeled message to Rev. Bill Hill while he was on a spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona, 2013!
The Unique Meditation Ministry of Rev. Bill Hill
"God's LOVE Channel"
"I have been blessed with a gift
from God to help people heal
Long Island's own "LOVE Channel"
It has been said when one can
love one's self, all else in
one's life will come into
balance. Rev. Bill intuitively
channels the love that is a
person's higher self.
A spiritual sage is a person who demonstrates wisdom though God;
someone who is able to discern God’s messages.
An interfaith minister honors all religious beliefs, supports
religious freedom, and respects each individual’s right to worship
the way they choose.
What is a Spiritual Sage?
Read Joseph Flammer's article about Rev Bill Hill:
"Bellmore Shop Keeper Turns Angel Healer"
To Contact Rev. Bill:
Call: 516-236-2073
E-mail: anglbill@aol.com
  A Story of Forgiveness
A Channeled message to Rev. Bill from God.
Readings by Phone
Rates: $50 for 1/2 hour
$90 for 1 Hour
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